While the number of visitors to Japan is increasing under the Tourism Nation Promotion Plan , not all regional areas are feeling the effect. TOC Research Institute (TOC Research Institute, Inc.) was founded to support regional development through tourism.

Research -
intellectual property and results through research

TOC Research Institute has successfully implemented regional development and educational services using our intellectual property based on research in tourism studies, business management and agriculture. We also have experience in managing and running seminars, establishing overseas internship systems and human resource development.

  • Networks through established alumni and professionals in many fields
  • Regional support from academics and university students
  • Sales and distribution of products from plant factories, land-based aquaculture systems and more

Practice -
results from our extensive experience

We have consulted on a large number of projects including community building and tourism plans for cities, towns, prefectures and at national government level. We have experience in creating business plans for tourism, sales and distribution, and as designated administrators in park management.

  • Consulting to government agencies
  • Town and regional development support
  • Management of parks as designated administrators

Regional development through research and practice

Combining research from Tamagawa University and the experience of Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd. allows TOC Research Institute to be both a think tank for industry and to contribute to the growth of regions and regional tourism by consulting and working with communities.

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