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A message from the CEO

TOC Research Institute was founded in April 2016, with a mission to activate and vitalise regions by combining knowledge from academic research and knowledge from experience gained through consulting.


In a world of increasing diversification, it is expected that universities will apply knowledge gathered through education and research to their society. James A Perkins said that the role of universities is to grow, transmit, and apply knowledge to society at large. In this view, social contribution by universities is an absolute must. It has been already shown that universities can make a contribution towards a richer society by supporting the cooperation of industry, academia and government. This is why, we at TOC Research Institute feel like there is service only we can deliver.


The wealth of knowledge acquired through our past experience in consulting and successful projects around regional activation and regional development by Oriental Consultants Co., Inc. will allow us to work more closely with communities.

In March 2016, the Japanese government set a new goal of “Tourism Vision to Support the Future of Japan” and announced three viewpoints:

  1. 1. Enhance tourism resources as a base of local regional vitalization
  2. 2. Making tourism a core industry through innovation and increasing international competitiveness
  3. 3. Create an environment where all visitors to Japan can travel around easily and comfortably


At TOC Research Institute—along with Tamagawa University and Oriental Consultants Co., Inc.—we will support this new goal by contributing to the movement for regional development through tourism created by scholars and field researchers all around Japan. For this goal, we will continue our research and keep on working on consulting, support and information projects.


As a research and consulting think tank, we will continue our work in order to contribute to regional activation. We look forward to working with you.


Haruo Orito, CEO

One minute walk from Tamagawagakuen Station (Odakyu Line)

TOC Research Institute, Inc.
2F,2-18-35 Tamagawagakuen, Machida city, Tokyo, JAPAN 190041
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