Tourism and regional development consulting

Our expertise is in finding areas for improvement and then contributing towards building a thriving region through consulting and working with the local community.

  • Market research about tourists and consumers
  • Tourism marketing research
  • Creation of tourism promotion plans
  • Identifying local products for tourism development and production
  • Development of local goods
  • Suggestions for tourism promotion and branding
  • Transportation plans

Business management consulting

Market research, promotion plans and implementation, and consulting for other possible projects.

  • Market research
  • Consulting for sales strategies and business in general
  • Support for tourism-related entities and companies looking to expand overseas
  • Support for internship and training seminars

Human resource development

Seminars and human resource development projects for all personnel involved in all aspects of tourism, service and administration.

  • Planning and running seminars on topic such as: customer service; welcoming people from other nationalities; or hospitality for people with disabilities.
  • Creation of manuals or materials on these topics

Study abroad and internship support

We provide support for internship and study abroad programs, both inbound and outbound, using our wide global connections with educational entities.

  • Introducing to and connecting with companies seeking internships
  • Internship program development
  • Introducing to universities and arranging study abroad programs
  • Acting as go-betweens for universities and companies

Information sharing

TOC Research Institute will share information gained by both research and experience on town and regional development, using multi-media platforms.

  • Mail magazines
  • Creation and sales of publication
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